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Update of Sorts - Katastrophic Kacophony!
The Sound Became Unbearable
Update of Sorts
I know I haven't kept up with this in a while and it's primarily because I've just been busy. I've been busy with work and social life. I'm not particularly stressed though I do feel like I need to isolate myself at times. I believe that lately I've just been feeling the need to just go with the flow of things. My head can't process the next logical steps of things to come so instead it just wishes to go with whatever comes its way. I guess I'm saying I choose not to think as much about my decisions lately which has its pros and cons but that's another story for another day.

Outside of that I've been happy at work and with most of my coworkers. My friends are pretty cool but I need to find time to rest. I think with the hurricane that just passed us this was pretty good time to do so. I think.
Into The Forest